Why PreMarital Counseling?

I believe that couples should spend as much time designing/planning their marriage as they do planning their wedding. When it comes to marriage many couples are resistant to the idea of premarital counseling. Here are a few benefits of premarital counseling.

  1. Premarital counseling provides an opportunity to improve communication
  2. Premarital counseling allows the couple time to explore specific marriage wishes and deal breakers
  3. Premarital counseling will help couples understand marital expectations
  4. Premarital counseling provides couples with the tools to create boundaries with those outside of the relationship
  5. Premarital counseling provides insight into personality and behavior traits that may not have been identified prior
  6. Premarital counseling will help couples understand, accept, and explore differences in their personalities
  7. Premarital counseling identifies growth areas for the couple
  8. Premarital counseling can help a couple determine if they are good candidates for marriage with each other
  9. Premarital counseling will help couples understand the family they are marrying into
  10. Premarital counseling will help couples identify why they want to marry

If you are engaged and your partner does not want to participate in premarital counseling, then you might want to reconsider getting married. If you think that you cannot afford premarital counseling then you might want to delay your wedding, because counseling is far more important than guest lists and dresses.

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