Three-some? You, Me, and Social Media

Many of you are experiencing a third party in your relationship. Every time you ignore your mate to check your social media feed or to update your status, you might be guilty of allowing others into your relationship.

Here are the top 10 ways social media may be destructive to your relationship:

  1. Spending more time on social media than you do communicating with your mate.
  2. Changing your relationship status after a fight with your mate.
  3. Connecting with ex boyfriends or girlfriends.
  4. Complaining about others social media post.
  5. Accepting friend requests from people you donโ€™t know.
  6. Sharing relationship problems on social media.
  7. Arguing on social media.
  8. Sharing private relationship information.
  9. Overtly flirting with others.
  10. Posting inappropriate pictures.

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